Alfred Marmaduke "Alfie" Lewis is a resident of the House of Anubis, roommates with Jerome and often goofs around with him. He is always getting into trouble, and frequently wears some kind of animal mask or head. He has a huge crush on Amber. He and Jerome often tease Patricia for her obsession about finding Joy, such as when Jerome brought Patricia into their room and tried to convince her that they could see where Joy is through his fake crystal ball. While he and Jerome attempt to get back at 7th and 8th graders for getting them put under probation, Alfie ends up trapped in the cellar where he is traumatized by witnessing a Society rit
ual prior to Sibuna finding him in catatonic state.

After leaving hospital, Alfie found one of the puzzle pieces and believed it to be an alien artifact. Patricia manages to get the puzzle piece back from him, with Sibuna playing off his alien delusion so he would not get caught up in their antics. However, after he attacks Mrs. Andrews on the assumption that she's an alien, Patricia and Fabian are forced to tell Alfie about the treasure and the quest before made a member of Sibuna. While dealing with Jerome using him to give intel on the club's activities to Rufus, Alfie tries to ask Amber out to the prom under the Internet alias "King Tut" . After Rufus drinks the fake elixir from the Cup of Ankh, Alfie pretends to die to convince the villain that he won.

In season 2, learning that Amber was having second thoughts of being his girlfriend despite what she said when she thought he was going to die, Alfie goes to extreme lengths and doing ridiculous tasks to become her official boyfriend. He tries to break up with her after awhile, but Amber told him that she decides when they get to break up. Later on in the episode, Amber does break up with Alfie. Alfie later gets hexed by Seckhara with an age regression curse.

Alfie is portrayed by [Alex Sawyer].